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GLBTQ Resources

Research has shown that youth identifying as GLBTQ have greater health and academic risks. Negative interactions with peers, community, and society in general contribute to the youths’ higher risks for mental health problems, school failure, and victimization.

However, with supportive families and caregivers, sexual minority youth have better self-esteem, academic success, and less health problems. A supportive family can significantly increase the overall well-being of the child.


Project Youth Affirm (A support group for GLBTQ young adults)

Project Youth AFFIRM seeks to integrate affirmation with cognitive-behavioral interventions that are already known to work. This combined intervention is presented in the form of an eight hour training session targeted at sexual minority youth and geared towards reducing sexually risky behavior and depression among that demographic. The intervention teaches youth about the factors in cognition, mood, and behavior that ultimately contribute towards depression and high-risk behavior, as well as equipping them with the tools to also manage and influence those same factors by themselves.

Goal: Significant reductions in depression and increases in cognitive appraisal, reflective coping and sexual self-efficacy.

Objectives: AFFIRM is an eight module intervention focused on reducing depression and improving coping and sexual self-efficacy by providing opportunities to develop sexual and gender minority youth cognition (self-awareness, identifying risk), mood (recognizing the link between thoughts and feelings) and behavior (identifying strengths and ways of coping).


GLBTQ Professional Development

The RESPECT Workshop for Healthy GLBTQ students was developed by the American Psychological Association as a professional development curriculum for pre-service and in-service education for middle and high school counselors, school nurses, school psychologists, school social workers, and other specialized instructional support professionals. Anyone with a role in shaping school policies, programs, and practices may also benefit from the workshop, including principals, district administrators, other school staff members such as Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) advisors, athletic coaches, and community agency personnel. (CEUs from APA available).

Goal: Participants will  learn to promote policies and practices which encourage a safe and healthy environment for all students, and prevent health risks for LGBTQ students.

Objectives: By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. assist GLBTQ students to cope with their distinctive challenges;
  2. promote safe school environments that nurture healthy and successful students; and
  3. motivate all students to prevent HIV, STDs and pregnancy.

RESPECT Participants’ Handouts:

Supplemental Materials for Workshop Participants


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RESPECT Delaware is sponsored in part by funding through the Delaware Department of Education & in coordination with the American Psychological Association.

Please call

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