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Group Courtesies

Group Courtesies

#1: Focus on Your Breathing

Nothing fancy here, you’re already experienced in breathing. We’ll guide you to quieting the mind and relaxing.

#2: Dress for Success

Personal preference on fashion is always in style, but make sure you can move comfortably and you’re covered even in inverted poses. To avoid wardrobe malfunctions, you may want to avoid wide-leg shorts, short shorts, and low tops.

#3: Equipment

Please bring your own nonslip yoga mat. If you are new to yoga, you may borrow a mat to try it out. Additional equipment (blankets, props, blocks, and straps) may not always be necessary, but will be provided as needed or you may bring your own.

#4: Meals & Hydration

Any aerobic activity requires adequate nutrition and hydration, so bring a water bottle for before, during, and after class. A light snack an hour before is recommended, because the emptier the stomach, the more comfortable and relaxed you’ll feel in poses. But yes, it is still possible to pass wind during class. No worries, just say “excuse me” or stay calm and yoga on.

#5: Show Up to Class

Please be aware and courteous of start and end times, to allow everyone to enjoy and fully benefit from class without distraction. Most workouts, especially yoga, begin with a warm up and end with a special treat you don’t want to miss (corpse pose).

#6: Bare Feet Welcome

Yes! Bare feet will connect you to the ground and aid in stability and balance. If you prefer, socks with grips are also welcome.

 #7: Power Down the Electronics

Set your phones to Silent Mode or just leave them in the car. This is your hour to relax – and everyone else’s too.

#8: Be Sincere and Honest with Yourself

What are your intentions/goals for class? Know your body and your limits. Yoga is not a place for competition, and no two people experience a yoga pose in the same way anyway. Our bodies and minds are different, and we will honor that.

#9: Be Scent-Free

Coco, Bleu, and Daisy are not the latest celebrity children’s names. They are the sexiest perfumes/colognes. Save them for date night! This is a scent-free environment, so that everyone can enjoy.

#10: Come Back Because

That sense of lightness and euphoria you feel after a workout…the better you’ll manage stress…the better you’ll sleep… your brain will function better… rejuvenate your immune system…encourage healthy digestion…increase your flexibility and mobility…optimize your lung capacity…strengthen your heart and blood vessels …calm your nervous system…improve your quality of life… the healthier and happier you’ll feel!!!

We stop growing when we think there is nothing more to learn.” – Georg Feuerstein

Please call

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